The Freedressing Manifesto

AT ITS HEART, freedressing is the tacit acknowledgement that clothing is free of gender. In the broadest sense, it opposes the policing of masculine and feminine gender expression and the systematic indoctrination of binary gender roles and expectations. It subverts the stereotypes and defies the labels of Western fashion. And it commands freedom from the outdated mores and hegemonic conventions of manhood that are frequently enacted through waqnton discrimination and violence.

Freedressing reaffirms the socio-political ideologies of trans-feminism through the advancement of gender equity and parity, thereby dismantling institutional cissexism. To freedress is to willfully transcend both gender and sexual bias in every mode of individual expression.

My clothing, my choice. This is freedressing.

Originally published by Leslie Krause (October 2013)


Advocating freedom of expression for genderqueer, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people, while countering transphobia and toxic gender stereotypes.


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